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coach_potatoes's Journal

Coach Potatoes
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Coaching for potatoes with potential
A community for those who need a little coaching to get what they need, and for those who are willing to give that support.

Getting Started

Introduction to the community.

Guidelines for Partnership; you may negotiate these rules between yourselves but they are a starting point.

How To Ask Questions and How To Listen - Beginning Coaching Guidance.

Coach Sign-up Post.

Potato Sign-up Post.

Getting Stuck In

How sign ups will work:

There is a sign up post for coaches and a sign up post for potatoes. Obviously you can start conversations and form partnerships without my input, but I will also periodically nudge people in other people's direction, should they be partnerless. Once a partnership is formed please comment to that effect under your original comment; the thread will then be frozen. Should the partnership not work out across the trial period, the original conversation will be deleted and the comment thread unfrozen.